Patrick Schemat

Patrick Schemat

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First Name * Patrick
Last Name * Schemat
Username * Bran
Country * Germany
City Berlin
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman


Current Position -
Current Company Available for work!
Areas of Expertise ModellingTexturingDigital Painting
Preferred Tools 3D Studio MaxPhotoshop


Availability: Full time


I'm a hobbyist-artist with a passion for 2D and 3D and once worked for a couple of years for a small game studio in Berlin, Germany, where i got used to the Unity engine.
Also working with tools like 3ds MAX and Photoshop, i prefer creating fantasy/horror concepts and illustrations.
Another hobby is designing supersport-/racing cars and developing fantasy worlds/environments, especially for my P&P-RPG project.

Some say, i'm fast at work and can be sometimes nearly unstoppable if the subject is a motivating one. I also like working in a small team with fellow artists;
a good communication with the team and the art direction is the key of creating wonderful stuff.

If you're interested, please send me an email.


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